Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ok who done it?

Ok who submitted my name to the muscular dystrophy lock up? I'm not mad. Just curious.

Being productive Regardless

Being Productive Regardless

My back is feeling well enough that I'm attempting to do some cleaning and sewing for my apartment, and a lot of sewing and crafting for our guest room, which will be in use for the first official time this Thursday night and Nancy and I are trying to get it in order.

Being females and relatively crafty, we've compiled pages of magazines pictures of "this is what we want" and "avoid this at all costs." We've been hauling furniture upstairs from the shop. The bed is still is cute as long as you put the broken spindles against the wall. A vanity with fabric long past its prime. A chair with such ugly brocade no one's even attempted to buy it. Extra paint. A coffee maker. A big cappuccino cup (Excuse me? I believe I ordered a large! HE-llo.) And a few hotel amenities that someone has been stealing en masse.

Last night I finished painting. I done one wall a few weeks ago in the rich hot chocolate color. Then I hurt myself. Then we had the half off sale. Then I hurt myself again. So the project was dragging on. And nothing else could be done (The decorating is the fun part). I kept hinting that Nancy ought to have some volunteers finish it, but she didn't take the hint.

So now we're trying to pull together bedding and *ergh* clean the bathroom that hasn't been used in years.

Allie's coming tomorrow to paint the bathroom Robin's Egg Blue.