Monday, September 23, 2002

Teri has just informed me that I misspelled Jane Austen in my bidding world. How embarrassing. I vaguely remember wondering if she and Steven F. Austin were related....
Bad day for the poor eyes. Matt was driving with the windows down, and I got something in my eye. Hurt like crazy. And I coudln't do my usual in-emergencies-only trick of popping my contact out, sucking on it for a second, and popping it back in, because I'd just had Curry and a Peppermint, neither of which my eye approved. So I finally pulled the visor down and looked in the mirror -- and its one of those darn long fuzzies. I don't know where they come from -- but they're finer than hair, and somewhat curly, and they stick to your mascara and then wag about in your eye wreaking all sorts of havoc. So there mine was, floating peacefully. Usually in a case like this, you find something absorbant (like a napkin) and try to get the hair to stick to it. I take my contact out and look for a napkin. No such luck. So I have an epiphany -- I can just reach my fingers in and pull it out (those with contacts can't be squemish about stuff like that). So I make an exploratory dab, and the car hits a bumb. Now I have a tiny gouge on my eyeball that is bleeding, AND a happy little floater. So I start tugging on my eyelash trying to dislodge the thing, and i finally manage to catch a bit and pull it out, but my poor eye looks like it's been through a war zone. And it has. And then I had to put a peppermint and curry soaked contact back onto it. My eye may never forgive me. If I'm blind tomorrow, you'll know they've gone on strike.
I'm so excited! People are bidding on my stuff! I may make a living off of this after all! In other news, my apartment is finally clean. I kept promising to do that -- and its been a week since the opera ended, so I have no excuse. It's so pretty! I even vaccuumed! Let's see how long I can keep it clean this time! Speaking of which, I have bathmats in the dryer. I shall go retrieve them now!
TWO! TWO people bidding on my Moriage Teaset! Ah! Ah! Ahhhhhh! (sound of thunder)
Alright, so, very excited here! Three of my items on ebay are being bid on!!!! And 70 people have looked at my fantastic little moriage teaset! Now if they'll just buy it -- that would be grocery money. I figure I have to make at least 35 cents an item to cover the cost to me to post it online. But regardless. My books are selling, some lace is selling. I have one lady who would like to buy the whole lot of my eyelet stuff -- good for her I say! And I have a few more yards of one lace, and I've said that I'll post it online where she can "buy it now." I know other buyers sell directly after an auction -- but I'd prefer to play by the rules (rather than have ebay kick me off).

I'm really have too much fun doing this. Tonight I think I'll post all of the rest of the stuff I bought -- especially since I won't be garage sale-ing next weekend. I'll be in Oklahoma. Why am I going to oklahoma you ask? To visit my grandparents. I'm long overdue. And I'm taking Mary along. IF she's there maybe Grandma will be on her best behavior -- I hope. We're going to go to the tulsa fair. And maybe Grandma and I can go antiquing on sunday...she and I both like that.

Well, I have to go flunk a Polisci test now. Oh please let me know enough to pass! That's all I'm asking -- I just want a C. Well, I actually want a B. And A would be nice -- but there's wishful thinking -- especially since we have to memorize dates....blech!!!! Hylton v. US should have just thrown himself in a lake prior to 1796 (ha).