Sunday, January 04, 2004


The Art of Packing...

I realized tonight that packing for this trip is going to be very difficult. Partly because my wardrobe for the last six months has equaled roughly two suits and one uniform.

Partly because I've moved to Texas and California for the last five years and have no cold-weather clothes.

And mostly because I threw away my suitcases....My parents will wonder why I proceeded to throw away perfectly good suitcases. My answer would be that my suitcases were at best, temperamental. One had a clever trick of rolling onto one side whenever it had the notion. Especially when on a cross walk in front of a bus. The pop up handle only 'popped' when the bag was happily stationary. The zipper, we'll call him Bob, took a pair of pliers and a pep talk to close. To open, one had only to look cross-eyed. Or perhaps had a few pairs of scandalous underwear that you didn't want airport security pawing through. (Do I even own scandalous underwear? Isn't underwear scandalous by very nature?)

He spent several weeks sleeping in a corner after we moved here. Then he hibernated in the closet. The cat adopted him as a bed for a while, then he spent a while at the foot of Andrea's bed. Finally it was decided that my suitcase had seen enough of the world, and needed to find retirement. Which he did. The last I saw of my suitcase, and Bob the incorrigable zipper, they were reclining together near the People Helping People truck. Happily jaunting off to new adventures.


Huzzah and Hooray! Jerah cleaned out the lost and found today, that hasn't been cleaned since she started working here months ago. I got a silk scarf, and a pair of brown leather cashmere lined gloves. Luckily I have the smallest hands of anyone working here....except maybe Catherine, but I got here first! HA! I needed some brown gloves..I have black ones...but one musn't mix colors....


I'm almost done. Two more shifts. That's it. Two. I had last night off and didn't quite know what to do with myself. So I put a couple of loads of laundry in the wash, and copied a poem into my journal...filled out my "read the bible in a year" plan into my day runner. I love my dayrunner. It's way too much fun to be organised. Huzzah. Of course the next four weeks are pretty much a waste of paper... (January 8th. sleep. January 9th. do nothing. January 10th. watch tv and take nap.).....Which reminds me. I also need to book flights for my Waco side of the trip. Whenever that happens...I can't wait to get on that train tuesday. Forget turndown service. Sleeping as soon as I get on take the bunk off the wall and lets get the napping started. With 'convenient reading lamps and power outlets.' If Drea and I plan ahead we can watch DVDs on board too. And eat in the dining car!