Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Oh sleep. The forgotten wonder. Sunday evening I fully intended to catch up on all the reading I've been missing for weeks. I read two chapters of "A Present Day Challenge to Prayer" -- copyright 1923 -- and slept for three hours. I then woke up for some Easter leftovers, and slept for another ten and a half. Last night I got between 9 and 10 hours. Amazing how a double shift at the Alisal (appx 9 hours) feels so much better than a 13 hour double shift at both jobs. Hurrah! No, Denise, I PLAN on not filling up every spare second with "stuff." But then I found some online classes that I wanted to take, and a quilt to finish.....well, you know me. I'll do my best to enjoy having non-scripted free time. Or as Eugene said, "Spontaneous! How do I plan for that?"

Drea's wedding is now 15 weeks away. Once I get paid for housesitting I'll be heading down to buy my dress. And I'm in the throws of planning her wedding shower. Yay! Good excuse to buy Victorian themed magazines. Other than that, I have three, count them---three, days off this week. Is that exciting? I work one shift tonight, and I have tomorrow off! YAY! I just finished "Out of the Silent Planet" and am on to "Perelandra." Another nitpick. He spells it Peralandra in the first book. So there.