Monday, September 30, 2002

Financial Aid Madness

I went to the financial aid office again today. Now, my money hasn't all come through yet -- but I'm still short $5,500. So I had to take out an extra student loan. Why didn't they know this a month ago, when I asked them if I had enough finaid to cover it all? And I have to take another stupid sheet of paper around to my teachers to assure the financial aid office that I have been GOING to my classes all this time. What do they think I've been doing? Standing around waiting for them to get their act together? There's not enough time in the world!

So, tune in next week for "ADVENTURES IN HOOP JUMPING"




Another evening of crafts for Rachel! I finally got around to finishing off the cushion for the new chair I bought for my porch -- and just in the nick of time too -- I can read again tomorrow (or rather at midnight tonight -- may be worth staying up for). It turned out far better than I'd hoped -- after some rather stupid technical difficulties. Since I know that no-one in my audience can sew, I'll just say that fabric stretches the more you mess with it, so one piece had become considerably longer than the other -- and trying to match the pattern was a mess. But I did it! It looks so nice too. When I bought it it has obviously been bought in the 70's, as the orange and brown paisley leaf pattern proved. So it is now pink and green quilt square material. So country cute - - normally I hate country cute (my mother loves it, I'm rather a purist when it comes to Victorian decor). But what Victorian apartment would be complete without wicker on the patio? (For the record, I've been claiming to hate wicker forever....but it's really...*stand back for the lightening bolt*...adorable) Anyway -- enough rhapsodising...I can hear Aaron rolling his eyes -- but now there will be a place to sit in my house that doesn't have wheels!