Sunday, June 23, 2002

Another horrible guest

Me: What would you care to drink tonight?
Him: I'd like a (fill in the blank) tequila. Do you have that kind?
Me: I'm not sure...let me check for you. Our selection is pretty vast. Do you have a second choice if we don't carry it?
Him: (Gives two other random tequila names)...And as a cocktail waitress you should really KNOW what types of tequila you have.
Me: Yes sir.
-------- I leave to check on the tequila. We don't have any of the brands. The bartender chews me out for not knowing our selection. Then he gives me a quick list of all possible tequilas. More than a dozen------
Me: I'm sorry sir we don't have your tequilas, but here's what we do have. Would you like any of them?
Him: You don't HAVE them? I guess I'll have to take 1800 straight up. You know, you really should learn what you have.
Me: Yes sir.
--------- cut to the bar. I give the bartender the order ------
Sergio: 1800? That guy was in here an hour ago. He and I had this conversation.

Let me 'splain. No, let me sum up. The jerk picked three tequilas he ALREADY KNEW we didn't have, just to give me a hard time. ON PURPOSE. Aren't rich people wonderful? Since they don't have to work, the going theory is that they spend all their time thinking of ways to make our life miserable.