Monday, November 17, 2008

Another tearing round of insomnia last night - frustrating after a six show weekend, capped with an Elves rehearsal and a photo shoot.

Much upheaval with a show running, a show rehearsing, a move needing to happen by the first, and a sudden declaration from the company I gave up two other jobs to work for, only to be told several weeks later that they've decided to downsize due to the current economic climate - and will only be using their 65 new hires for the two weeks right around Christmas. I have put calls into one of my other options, offering my services, but have not heard back yet. Am supposed to hear back today at the latest.

And at this moment, of course, Murphy's law being what it is, my brakes decide to go out. That however, was Miles' fault. We were talking a week ago about how nice it is to finally be earning enough to keep an even keel for a while. He said, "Well, you know, now it's time for your car to break down."

Waiting for the other shoe to drop - as Becky took it upon herself to mention aloud the unmentionable "Scottish Play" the next night. Am fully expecting to be hit by a bus now.

Pinocchio going very well. One of my Kurts (see sidebar for that exchange) came to Pinocchio yesterday! It was so exciting to see him out there. He was in the second row but I didn't notice him until curtain call. I got to say hi for a few minutes after the show. He's going to re-audition. I'm very hopeful to get another round with him. His sister is auditioning this year, too.

The library has started sending me Buffy seasons. This should keep me busy now that I've finished all three seasons of Slings and Arrows.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The bald patch in my right eyebrow grows larger every day. 'Til now I could pretend lik it was a rather narrow wax job, but in a few days I fear I'll have a strip of skin showing right through the middle.

It's all because of a monacle.

The Fox, being very dashing, has a top hat, a cane, and as a last minute character choice, a monacle to make me look less human, since we don't wear much animal makeup.

Monacles, as a rule, sit on one's cheekbone and wedge in under the eyebrow. In a ver physical comedy, I thought it might be difficult to hold it in he traditional way. The alternative? Spirit gum around the rim, glued to the inside half of my socket.

So far it's been fairly effective, only falling out on occasion. Sometimes, though, it's glued in so well that it actually makes it to the end of the show. Herein lies the problem.

The end of the string tied to the monacle is safety pinned to the inside of my collar. After a quick run, in the haste to get out of a very sweaty costume, I tend to forget this and rip my dickey off. And the monacle comes with it - along with the dried spirit gum and portions of my eyebrow.

Ah...the hazards of the workplace.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's that time of year again. Time to suddenly be doing everything at once and wondering where all the lovely freetime went that I was complaining so much about having too much of.

I have three job offers for Christmas. I'm waiting to see which one offers the most, and should know early this evening.

I'm moving again. In a few weeks. I've just taken a second load of books to add to my credit at the used bookstore. Which is like moving, but in smaller batches. I have some furniture items that need to go away, but basically I've been downsizing since I've been home, so it should be an easy move. Relatively.

Last night I was on Capitol Hill when the election results came in. It was a good thing Obama won, because it was already a riot - and they were happy about it. Masses of people everywhere, running up and down the streets, waving signs and red white and blue banners, horns honking, news trucks pulling up. One entire intersection blocked by people. People kept dashing into the little bar I had holed up into yelling for a shot, slamming it down, hooting, and running back out into the melee. What a night!

My cast will be very happy tomorrow.

I've started booking auditions again for winter shows, and thinking about the generals which start in January. I need some coaching for my monologues. There is a sad lack of things worth doing right now on the auditions pages. I hope that rectifies itself soon. I'd love to have another show or two to add to my spring schedule.

I'm off to enjoy the sun which is making occasional appearances. I may head to the library to find more episodes of Slings and Arrows to watch. Very good Canadian Series.

Monday, November 03, 2008

"It's a Wrap!" -- Goofing off on location in Vantage.

Standing in for the leading lady - on the set of "The Comet Chronicles"