Saturday, April 21, 2007

Just when you thought it couldn't get any hotter

Just when you thought it couldn't get any hotter...

It did. Oh heavens my body does NOT like heat. Even Yakima summers are too much for me, California wasn't so bad, but Texas was too humid. And now I'm finding there's a whole new level of hotness that I never imagined (and in places like India and Africa its worse even than here. Insane!). At night, even when it gets all the way down to 83, it's so humid it feels hot still. Rainy season is coming, we keep saying, rainy season keeps coming.

I abdicated my room a month ago. Now Jessica and I sleep out on the balcony on the second floor. Every night we haul out our sleeping bags, bug spray and mosquito nets, and set up our bedroom. It's been great. It's a full 10 degrees cooler outside than in, even with the fans going. And the balastrade makes a lovely desk for my journal writing, studying, reading, and devotions. Every night recently I've been reading aloud the Horse and His Boy to Jessica. We finished Pride and Prejudice, and I read aloud the last 10 chapters of Persuasion so we could get to the Chronicles. I do all the voices. Shasta is American, but Aravis is formal British. Bree and Hwin are British, but very horsey. The Narnians are also British in a Jane Austin main characters way, while most of the Calormenes are the male version of Lady Catherine De Burg. I'm reusing voices, you see, from Pride and Prejudice. And my own accent is heading that direction a bit between reading so much British lit aloud, and talking with the two australians on the team.

Last night was very funny. I was sitting at my desk ouside, ostensibly working on my journal, but really reading Pilgrim's Progress (very applicable to what we've been learning here, by the way), and a bug fell down the back of my shirt. I jumped up and started trying to get it out, making all sorts of noises, then ran into the common room and ran around in circles with my outer shirt over my head trying to get it off, and then ran into my bedroom to whip my tank top off. The view for those watching must have been spectacularly slapstick.