Sunday, August 25, 2002

Tomorrow back to the grind. I noticed something tonight as I went back to school shopping (usually one of my favorite activities other than buying christmas presents). Usually I spend a great deal of time debating ball point over gell, blue ink over black, picking out my neon post-it-notes that are the only way that my life stays in order, find yet another set of highlighters that don't run out of ink by the third sentence, and finding the perfect notebook -- with enough dividers for all my classes, folders for the syllabi, and an acceptably cheerful color (preferably yellow -- easier to find on the floor at 6:30 in the morning.) Something tells me that I put way too much thought into this in the past. Oooooh -- and those wonderful little 3/4 inch letters to lable everything. Yep, definatly a geek. Right out of "Miss Piggle Wiggle." This year I went to Wallmart, grabbed three composition books of different colors, and a multipack of cheap blue ballpoint pens. That's it. And somehow I don't care. I just want to pass my classes and graduate. Could it be....senioritis? But isn't there something kid-ish about back to school shopping? When you still got to buy fun stuff like scissors that cut everything BUT paper, glue sticks that dry out the first day because you open it and leave the cap off after gluing your fingers together, oh and the ever popular box of 96 crayons. None of those little boxes of 8 mind you. I love crayons. Coloring is an activity that even the most "grown up" person can still enjoy. One time backstage ET and I had the entire cast and chorus sitting around discussing favorite colors while filling in precious moments and kitty cats. It was great! I did splurge and buy a little tin of "The most popular crayon colors" at HEB yesterday. I can't wait. I hope Robin's egg blue is in there. And wisteria. And tumbleweed. Enough rapsodising ... I need to go figure out what classes i'm taking tomorrow. Night -- oh, and leave comments on your favorite color of crayon