Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Any guys who happen to read my blog should skip this entry. Are they gone? Ok. I think it's poor planning on somebody's part to make us capable of bearing children years before we actually will (with some exceptions -- like most of my highschool class who I've seen walking around Goodwill with not only babies, but toddlers, and even children). As we speak I'm taking a pit stop on my way to find a heating pad and some Midol. And a pepsi. And hopefully some chocolate -- and don't tell me that caffeine is bad for me. I don't care. And we have some pop that's been in the garage and is just shy of frozen -- the best way to drink it! Anyway. Think about it. Most of us were blessed with all of this at, what 12? 13? And most of us won't need this particular function until we're what? 27?30? Notice we have anywhere between 15 and 20 years of wasted effort. Anyway -- I'd love to rant more, but my lower back is protesting having to sit in a straight back chair. I'm going to go lay in front of the fire and moan....ciao!