Saturday, January 06, 2007


Well, everybody, as I said yesterday I was accepted to the Youth With a Mission - Battambang, Cambodia program. My flight leaves on the 20th of January, and I'll return the 29th of July.

The program begins with three months of classes and training in discipleship, learning to listen for God's voice, learning your strengths and weaknesses, what He wants you to do with your talents, and of course, how to share him in an exciting way with others. During the training we'll be doing volunteer work at the community center - where they offer classes in English, Guitar, Sewing, Bible, and also at a hospital and an orphanage. Then we'll spend 8 weeks going out into Cambodia to do work and outreach.

I've somewhere between excitement and blind panic. I literally found out that I'm going as of yesterday. This is going to be a very changing experience, and I'm afraid/excited that I'm going to come back very different, and with many priorities changed. Hopefully, I'll also know God better at the end of the six months.

This is very last minute, and I'm struggling to raise the money I need. My church mission team has generously offered to cover my school costs, and several family members and friends have also contributed. The church may also take a special offering for my plane fare, but the pastor recommended that I show that I've asked literally everyone I know for help. So here's another attempt. If any of my friends out there want to sponsor a short term missions trip, please comment or email me and I'll send you my information.