Saturday, April 03, 2004

"Somebody a while back made a comment to the effect that Christianity, from the very start, was society turned upside down. What was important to God is diametrically opposite what's important to society. And, as society pulls farther and farther from any association to God, the more pronounced the dichotomy. Interestingly God's priorities have never changed. It's mankind that pulls away from God, never the other way around. Hence any practice or institution with any association to God's sense of order or priority will constantly be evolving away from that association. At least until reality sets in: 'There's a way that seems right to man, but the end will be destruction.'"

Good one, Dad!

"Sometimes aloneness is the only cure for loneliness. Sometimes solitude is a prerequisite for sociability. Sometimes silence makes communication possible.

I rediscovered aloneness this week, after being lonely for a long time. I had forgotten."

Quote by Wilson. Thanks, Wilson. My feelings exactly.

Said Uncle James, who had just washed his hands
of Valancy. "Who married you?"

"Mr. Towers, of Port Lawrence."

"By a Free Methodist!" groaned Mrs. Frederick--as if to have been
married by an imprisoned Methodist would have been a shade less

From "The Blue Castle" by L.M. Montgomery.

I love this book! A 29 year old from a sheltered family is given a year to live. She decides she would rather live her life, than die shut up in a room. She becomes house keeper to the town drunk and his daughter with an illegitimate child. Then, she asks Barney Snaith, of questionable reputation -- for he keeps entirely to himself, and doesn't mind the town's censure, to marry her. It is the story of a woman learning to live without caring about "what the neighbors think."

Not Disney Material...

I had the audition for Disney Tokyo yesterday. I got a "Thanks, that's all we need."


But, then, they were favoring belt singers that day. Out of 85 people, they gave a contract to one, and called four back to hear again. I wasn't one of them....ah well, 'them's the breaks.'