Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Aviator

The Aviator

I've just returned from seeing The Aviator. I'd heard it's good, and wanted to see it before I go on the road and am out of the loop for three months. (By the way, Star Wars III is FINALLY going to make an appearance. Call me crazy, but if there have been three Harry Potters in just over three years, and ALL THREE LOTR movies out in the same amount of time -- starting production from scratch, just like Lucas did in the original Star Wars trilogy, what the heck is taking him so long? Other than the obvious. Marketing. Oh, and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is going to come out in March. Don't Panic.)

Aviator was really good. I think. Scorsese leaves me less with the feeling of "woah!" and more with "ohhh. I think I liked that." It was a beautiful movie. Beautiful. The recreation of the 1920's to the late 1940's was amazing. Cate Blanchett, of course, was brilliant. But I've liked her in everything she's done. And I didn't know Leonardo could act. I liked his character in Titanic. Marvin's Room was good. Catch Me If You Can was not the same as the book, but I thought he branched out of former roles on that one. He did a great job in this film playing someone with OCD. Similar to Jack Nicholson, but Howard Hughes' condition was worse. Do all Scorsese flicks lack an ending?

The whole movie, had it completely sucked after the first ten minutes, which it didn't, would have been worth it for the 'filming the dogfight' sequence. And Cate Blanchett playing Katherine Hepburn.

Favorite line: "You taught me to fly. I can take the wheel if I have to."

To the tune of ouch.

"How much is wow?"
"Somewhere between ouch and poiiiing."

So I got my poor car fixed today. To the tune of $580. Oh yes. Thanks to Mary Hunt and my contingency fund, I have it. But it's still a lot for a computer chip and somethingg to do with my transmission (Or trannie, as the guys call it. What is that?).

But they washed my baby. Well, most of the way. Somehow they missed vacuuming my backseat. You would think for that much money they might remember it. But I didn't want to sit around while they fixed it, and they did give me free hot chocolate while I waited. And the outside it ready for me to turtlewax before I put her under a cover and let her sit for three months.