Monday, January 02, 2006

Fuzzy Sweater Strikes Again

Fuzzy Sweater Strikes Again

I stopped for gas at Albertson's and decided to do the smart thing and check my oil. As I'm opening the hood and wiping off the dipstick, the guy at the next pump over says, "Need any help there, Miss?" "No thanks, I've got it covered," I replied. Did I mention I was wearing the pink one?

New Year Beginnings

New Year

This year has started off well with a veritable date yesterday for coffee. It was lovely. I so dread small talk with strangers, but he's very easy to talk to. Plus he's from Yakima, lives in LA, teaches and does the acting thing, so there was plenty to talk about.

Last night was ledger extravaganza night. My only resolution per se is to keep doing what I've been doing only more so.

And I'm off now to go register my car in Washington. I've somehow misplaced the title to my car, so I'm going to take a stack of ownership papers and my loan application and see if that will fly. If not, I have to wait until the banks open and get my bank in California to fax a copy. And I really won't have time to do that until later this week. I'd rather just get it done if I can.