Thursday, August 28, 2008

Things are winding down...

Tonight is closing night of Kiss Me Kate. Two more performances of Sound of Music on Saturday and Sunday. I sent home three boxes with my friends who were in town this week, and have begun filling all my free time with "lasts" with cast mates. Last night was the last Project Runway/Shear Genius post-show with the Captain, today is the Last Sewing Day with my Liesl, tomorrow morning we strike the Kiss Me Kate stage, then my Last Hair date with Sugar (my understudy for Sound of Music, and the lead of the third show). Last two shows, Last company picnic (technically only the second of those, but last goes with the theme), then leaving town either after the picnic, or the next morning. Many of my favorite castmates have to miss the picnic to head back to schools and performance programs that have already started, so it'll be a bit of a letdown. Two other people I spend time with (The Captain and Franz) will be in rehearsals all day starting Monday, and I won't be able to see them anyway before I leave. I may have already had my Last Waitressing, but may also get to work Labor Day. We'll see.

I'm excited to head back to Seattle. I have my next few day gigs lined up, and a callback scheduled already. I have two more shows I'm trying to get auditions for for the fall, and the feeling I'm getting here is that people don't expect to see me back next year, because I'll be on to "better things" whatever those may be. Frankly, I'd be glad to come back to get a few more showy roles under my belt, and to play Maria to my Captain from this year, with this years director, if both come back. But March is a long way away...

Lots of nostalgia about leaving people I've grown to care about, and a role I love.

Plus the weather is overcast, which always makes me a bit weepy when I haven't had enough sleep. (4 hours last night, thanks to two hours of insomnia and birds singing early).

I'm looking forward to the next few months, feeling a lot more confident about being "marketable" in future auditions, and having a newly updated resume and photos on the Puget Sound Actor's site, which makes me look a lot cooler to people I'm sending my resumes to for auditions.

Professional Goals for the next few months: Color headshots, dance lessons, and monologue work. Monetary goals: paying off my credit card again, and paying off people who loaned me money to get started this year. Personal goals: not having to work quite so hard, and getting to enjoy the process more now that I'm a bit "established."

See you next in Seattle.