Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back again.

My home computer no longer let's me log into blogger, so I apologize to my family who calls and tells me to update my blog.

I'm on a break for two weeks. I opened the three shows I costumed in January, then I've been running Jack and the Beanstock. Schools are on break for the next two weeks, so we don't have performances gain until March. I still have alterations to do, and office hours to put in at my costume shop, but for the most part -I'm off!

I've been getting up in the mornings and jogging this week. After a fantastic Valentines Day (eating Bacon covered Salmon Fillet, over truffle oil drizzled potatoes and green beans), I've decided that the 10lbs I've gained since the wedding needs to go away. I blame the honeymoon. All we did was eat for 10 days. Which was great! But the fun is over, and the jogging commences.

I've been having fun playing finances! We've finally caught up from out three weeks off - which put a huge gap in my regular alterations pay, which takes 45 days to catch up with me. Then, all of my costuming jobs pay when the show opens, so I spent most of January working my butt off, with little in the bank to show for it. Luckily Alan's income floated us until I got paid again. We had our taxes done on Valentine's Day - which was very complicated with my business, but I was able to write off a third of rent and electricity since I work out of the house -and take up most of it! That was a lovely perk. Now alterations have caught up again. Since last year my alterations money was the wedding budget, we're used to not counting on that as regular income. Ergo, we're shunting it all into paying off the credit cards in the hopes of being out of debt in just over a year! You all know how much I love that! The old 12-column ledger has emerged again so that Alan and I can track our joint checking account, and our little bitty savings! (We have some! Yay!), and we've picked our first three credit cards to pay off. It's fun watching the balances fall...

Woman in Black is in rehearsals right now. I haven't been as an actor yet - no sense going until there are props to move, but I've been gathering costume props for the actors to work with, and out shopping for costumes, hoping to get everything finished by the beginning of March when I have to start attending in the evenings.

At the studio, Singing in the Rain is going up, but I'm not costuming. It's lovely being in doing other projects watching someone else working hard. I'm in the process of rebuilding one of our school shows that had been used so long it was falling to pieces. Later in the spring I have 3 Homeschool Production Shows to costume (Robin Hood, The Girl Who Was A Tree, and The Lion and Mouse Stories), double-cast Annie for the mainstage, and a newly added Teen Ensemble Macbeth going up right in the middle. It's going to be a very VERY busy April and May.

I'm not going to see much of Alan here shortly. He's directing West right now, and just got cast in a two-person production of On This Flight Path. He's also temping all next month running a Mail Room at a Law Office downtown. Which makes him happy!

That's pretty much all for us. I'm hanging out with Baxter for the weekend, as the Logsdons are gone for a few days. And I have one performance of Jack in the Beanstock today - a theater bought the show for one performance to fill out their roster.