Tuesday, April 12, 2005

St. Augustine is kicking my butt

St. Augustine is kicking my butt

And, for the record, is it supposed to be 'ah-gus-teen' or 'uh-gus-tin.'

I read one page a day if I'm lucky, mouthing along the words, repeating everything at least twice, and running my finger along every line.

Quite a change from my four-books-in-a-day summers. It's driving me up the wall. My favorite sentences aren't those that are the most profound, just those I understand on first reading.

Eating like Kings

Eating Like Kings

Yesterday I ate lunch at Pasguccis Italian on State Street. For dinner I had Galanga Thai. And this morning for breakfast our homestay took us to the Brown Pelican on the coast. It was perfectly sunny, with waves lapping on the beach, and a little breeze.