Monday, July 26, 2010

Another alterations morning. This time, though, I have my repaired Serger, Sewing Machine, and my new Blind Hemmer all at the same time. 390 pairs of pants later, I can finally hem them the way they're supposed to be hemmed!

My Mom is in town. I invited her in to see my new Costume Shop, and she agreed to stay for a few days to help me with fittings and embellishing the ballgowns. I've got another fantastic parent whose daughter is doing her first play, and wants Mama nearby, but not in the room. So I leave alterations and mending in a basket for her, and find the finished items in my office. I love having a crew!

I've been shopping on Ebay quite a bit recently, but my underwear collection is wearing out, and ebay is a great place to get nice new underwear for around $1 an item, plus shipping. The combined total is usually still less than I would pay for a similar item at a thrift store. (Though, I'll maybe buy a nice bra second hand, I won't buy panties - eeeew. Even my thrifting has limits).

I have the next three days off from waitressing, but I'll be in my costume shop for most of them!

I love my job!