Wednesday, April 16, 2003

This is not a premium time to be blogging, since I've been to La Fiesta and had a margarita or two .... small ones though...anyway. I'll get through the first part of my date anyway. His name is Tarus -- pronounces Tor - us (kind of like the car). Took me forever to figure that out because he didn't live his name on phone messages....I was almost to the point of sending someone to the bank to "set up an account" just to figure that one out for me. SO we went out to Chinese. They had Pepsi there - which totally made my night. Besides the date of course which made my year. He showed up late, but called me immediatly to let me know he was bogged down in work. I played snake on my phone to amuse myself.

He was very easy to talk to. Confident, well dressed, handsome in a conservative way. He did want to know what I thought of inter-racial dating. I wasn't aware he was from another planet, although that would be pretty cool. Obviously I was there, wasn't I? He's a Christian -- Church of Christ background. HIs mother owned an antiques shop, he has a huge family. He thinks I'm exotic. To a banker I guess I would be...or at least my profession would be. i'm pretty stodgy in my "old age." Anyway. We have a rain check to go out again, but it's going to have to wait until after Easter since I have a million church services between now and then. I'll write more as I think of it -- but surely that will hold you guys off for a day or two!!!! I'll try to post again before my Easter mania!