Monday, January 19, 2009

Fashion-forward thinking:

So I have the opportunity to design some clothes and sell them at a local antique store. It might be a nice way to bring in some extra money, plus a chance to be creative in a public sort of way. Plus. Fun!

So over the holiday Erin was in town, who takes AMAZING pictures, and she took photos of a few things I've made over the years. I updated my portfolio, and now I'm ready for my meeting on Friday.

Here are some highlights:

My corset, covered in bleached muslin and hand embroidered with vines and flowers. A fluke left me with a fuschia drawstring, but I kind of like the contrast.

My 1950's Dress with updated bodice. Made from bubble gum pink 30's feedsacking material, bordered with green rosebud print fabric.

Mom's Christmas Regency Inspired Jacket - made from grey wool with dark red brocade lining. Top stitched in cherry red.

Allison's Christmas Regency Inspired Jacket - made from three pair recycled jeans, and one recycled jeans skirt. Lined in orange brocade.