Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Alan and I purchased a printer together on Sunday. It's our second "we" purchase. The first was a clock with an art deco opera ad on it.

I think we've decided to stay in Alan's apartment for a while after we get married. Paying for a wedding plus paying for a new place doesn't seem feasible. We're both on month to month leases - but my roommate wants to stay at my place. So I think I've become resigned to living in Renton for a while. It is easier to get to work from there, actually.

We've been living it up on LivingSocial.com lately. It's a cool website that offers discounted coupons for restaurants, spa services, yoga classes, etc. This week we purchased $35 worth of food and drinks ($17) at Wild Rover Pub in Kirkland so Alan and I can go out opening night. We purchased a one night stay at a resort, with wine, strawberries, valet parking, and 2 spa treatment vouchers ($180) to add on to our honeymoon. And I bought 5 yoga classes at a place in Fremont ($21). You guys should check it out. They send emailed coupons every day. We're loving it!

Willy Wonka opens on Friday. Nightingale opens on Saturday. Dracula opens next Friday. Little Red Riding Hood opens the Tuesday after that. It's going to be a busy couple of weeks, but eventually satisfying. Plus, Wonka will have professional photos taken! My hands are currently dyed burnt orange, with streaks of fabric paint all over them - last night I dyed three more batches of Oompa Loompa costumes, and then painted 8 pairs of their shoes rainbow colors. They're going to looks so cute!

Alan has gone back to temping, and is out on assignment this week. He's also directing Dracula, so when we both get out of rehearsals, we meet up for dinner and Frasier episodes. Sadly, like most theater people, dinner is often between 11 and midnight.

I'm off to rehearsal, and more dying before then. Ciao!