Tuesday, December 16, 2003

I had posted a rather long rant about the information on this website. While looking online for more information (and some definitions) on this article, I have found several other websites of people who think this article MUST be a hoax. This website hopes that it is a hoax, but isn't sure. Some of the links in the site seem to be geniune. Some seem to be conglomerations of Saturday Night Live Sketches. I'll keep poking around. What do you think? Real or not?
A woman goes to the post office to buy stamps for
her Christmas cards.

She says to the clerk, "May I have 50 Christmas stamps?"
The clerk says, "What denomination?"

The woman says, "God help us. Has it come to this? Give me 6 Catholic,
12 Presbyterian, 10 Lutheran and 22 Baptists.