Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I've whittled over 1700 down to 608. How much does it cost per print?

We sure had a great time, though.

How long does it take

How long does it take to transfer 1700 pictures onto a computer? I'm finding out.

My poor, six-year-old laptop can't handle anything taking up that much memory. So I'm copying my CD to my parents' computer, editing it down some for scrapbooking, and then burning another CD (in theory -- my practical computer knowledge is limited. I'm sure there will be a snag somewhere).

Time to get a new computer. Maybe after next tour...


It's so odd to be constantly surrounded by eleven other people, then suddenly have them gone. I keep seeing things that one person or another would laugh with me over, but they aren't there to tell.

Home Again

I'm back in Yakima. On the flight in I sat next to an Eisenhower 2002 grad. We were trying to figure out where we were once the clouds broke. Cle Elum. And then over Ellensburg, right turn, over the firing range, Selah, then home. We were low enough to see the Applets and Cotlets warehouse off the highway, and the mall. It made the flight short anyway.

My cats sort of remember me. Chloe is still hiding under the bed. Cai came over for a chin scratch. He's always been a turkey. He lost his baby cowlick. He used to not be able to reach the spot over his tailbone, and his fur stood up. He got so big!

This afternoon I have to help pull the house together. Grandma is coming in at 5, and the house has to be spotless. So, I'll be stuffing flowers into the entryway garland for a while...