Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Just when you think life in the south couldn't get any weirder, it's that time of year again! The annual Cotton Palace Pageant. Check out the dress on this one!
I took my last two recital dresses into the costume shop today. Sally and Jamie loved them. Yay! Approval from real costumers!
The mystery explained

Alright, I've had many people say they can't leave comments because they don't know how. Simple. Scroll down to the bottom of the entry. Point mouse at the thing that says "comments." It should change color with your mouse over it. Click. Screen will pop up asking you to fill in your name, email, homepage, etc, and then provide a box to enter actual comments. Type. Hit Enter! Now you have officially joined the comment brigade -- the only way I know who's reading this, since unlike Daryl and maybe Teri, I don't have a counter that registers hits to my website. Happy commenting!


I tried this evening to cook with the no-bake pasta sauce. You know, put pasta in a pan, pour sauce and a can of water over it, bake at......for .....minutes. Yes. So I did that. But I have no parmesian cheese...and besides that, it just didn't work very well. The noodles are sticky, or crunchy. Maybe I should have used Penne instead of garden rotinelli. Doughy, that's what it is -- doughy. Like eating uncooked pasta with sauce. Why am I still eating it? Because it took almost an hour when all's said and done, and I'd rather eat the crap I've made than make more crap. Come to think of it, the sauce sucks too. But it's nutrition dang it!