Monday, August 02, 2004

Thank you to all of the people who have agreed to be prayer sponsers while I'm on the road. I've tried to contact all of you personally. I will send postcards regularly from the road with updates. Actually, at some point it may become letters intead, because getting me stopped once I've started writing is the trick -- especially with so much time on the road. I'll let you all know what I'm doing, where I am, and any specific prayer requests on behalf of Wycliffe and its staff.

If anyone else wants to join, I'm still a few people short. Of course, for everyone, my blog will be the best way I have to communicate back. So, comment people! I will have my cell phone everywhere, but I won't have any way to get mail once we've left rehearsals in Portland. I'll give you my address there if anyone wants to send any mail for the first three weeks or so. Thanks again, guys! And I hope to have lots of stories for everyone!

Firsts and Lasts

Last night was it for working at the Alisal. I sang one last time with Jonathan Wild, and then was ganged up upon by my co-workers and thrown in the pool. I took Aaron in with me.

Today I went out to Thai with my friend Wendy, and as soon as I've checked my mail, I'll be back to sorting through my stuff. My goal is to get rid of half of it.

I have to go in the bar tonight and record myself singing with Jonathan. He's submitting my headshot and video to a guy he knows who knows someone associated with cruise ships. I may get to do a brief stint on one in January-March. It's a long shot, but I think worth a try.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to take my sister to Disneyland. My pass is blocked out, but it's only $50 a head to go. Wednesday night I'm going with three other people to a Tim McGraw concert at the fair. I'm not a country fan, but it's a fun group of people going, and my last chance to hang out with Dale and Wendy, and the aforementioned Aaron. Then Thursday I'm on the road to Yakima, and Saturday I fly to Portland. Yakima friends, I'll have all day friday. Get in touch!