Thursday, April 24, 2003

Favorite Ever-so-Girly things:

1.Pedicures and Manicures -- especially if parafin wax is involved.

2.Coconut and Mango Lotion that I had made at a specialty shop in California -- heavy on the Coconut

3. Indecence by Organza by Givinchy -- my only scent!

4.Oil of Olay Moisturizer

5.Clove and Evergreen Epervescent Bath Ball

6.Lash enhancing Mascara...almost any variety! Except the Gloopy ones that give you "tarantula eyes."

7.Wearing socks to bed full of lotion.

8.Caress Silkening Body Lotion -- spring Blush Scent.

9.Bath and Body Works "Sweet Pea" lotion....there are a lot of lotions on this list!

10. Yankee Candles ... the best scents are French Vanilla, Buttercream and Macintosh Apple.

11.My Cinnamon Candles hand made in a specialty shop in Calvert Texas -- actually smells like Red Hots.

I actually did homework this morning. Like, before the actual class. Watch her not decide to have us turn in our homework for a change! I have to spend from 3-9 this evening doing alterations for Opera Scenes. My *fabulous date* stood me up last night -- I'm not so dissappointed because I was so exhausted yesterday I coudln't imagine having to make myself look pretty and carry on a coherent conversation. I took a nap instead

Did I mention that I just want this year to end? School is out in less than two weeks. TWO WEEKS! I only have two finals -- one of my classes has a final project due....but that's about it. I only have to orchestrate a piano piece for full orchestra -- very complicated, but as long as I get my transpositions correct (darn clarinets) it should be easy sailing. I'm off! Talk to you guys all later!