Friday, November 14, 2003

So after throwing a MAJOR hissie fit at work last week, and threatening to quit (who knew I could be such a diva? No comment Jeff) They changed everything about the horrible continental breakfast delivery by the time I came in this morning. YAY to my job for fixing the thing that has caused more complaints than anything since I started working here. Now the guests can come down themselves if they want breakfast, and we have a way to accommodate walk ins if they are desperatly dissappointed that no one serves anything around here! KUDOS!
A note to my email carrier:

Dear Internet service provider,

I want to thank you for the excellent level of junk mail protection you provide. Directing all of my personal mail to my junk mail box does make sure that I actually look over that inbox before deleting. And I so appreciate the excitement of thirteen new messages, only to find four letters guaranteeing me cheap flights or hotels, two Victoria's Secret coupons, Several promotions, and at least one website offering enlargements for anatomy I do not currently possess...nor could I without some serious surgery. It does, however, make life interesting I must say. Thank you for anticipating the spice that is so missing from my life!