Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I can see the future....and it involves knitting stockings....

So, I'm a little crafty. And in trying to find more ways to learn to make things instead of buying them, I have found loads of new skills to learn, recipes to try, and outlets for creativity that feel very "Little House."

One thing I ALWAYS wanted to do was knit socks. The highlight of my year is getting a new pair of socks from my Aunt Becky to add to my collection. Someday, I will have a sock drawer that looks like this:

Photo by Nanette via

I also love to find knitted sweater dresses to wear as tunics over knit dresses and tights in the cooler winter months - Seattle doesn't really have a very hot summer or very cold winter most years, so my wardrobe only needs a few tweaks to take it from summer to winter.

I've been looking at patterns on ravelry, and I like a lot of them - but they're generally geared towards the modern style. I'm definitely a vintage I've been hesitant to start a new project that I'm not sure I will love.

And then, I discovered PDFs of Vintage Knitting Patterns on Etsy. My cart is full.

I can see the future - and it involved reproductions of 1950s crocheted dresses, and knit sweater tights and stockings!!!!! It's all so exciting! (I must finish the one pair of socks that I've been working on for over a I can move on to something new and cooler!)

I mean, LOOK AT THESE!!!

Life is going to get very very crafty!!!