Saturday, March 19, 2005

Laughing until we Pee

Laughing Fit to Pee

Yesterday was the first official day of the Dinner Theater's Spring Break! Hurrah! We Drove from Lake Isabella to Solvang, (some of us by way of LAX) and then to Grandma and Ken's place for dinner with the purpose driven life group. I ran to the Alisal, talked to my managers, and picked up my uniform to work this evening. I'm not thrilled about working, but a woman has to do what she has to do. So tonight, I'm back to cocktail waitressing.

And I surprised the heck out of Wendy. I'd hoped to catch her at her house, but she walked in to pick up her silverware while I was talking with Ramiro. She screamed, then swore. I guess that means she's happy to see me... We're supposed to go for coffee today.

After dinner we went to the house that's hosting us. Unloaded. Tasha and I bought groceries. And then we played a zillion rounds of Phase 10. I won. Which was lovely because the last time I played I was stuck on phase 2 for 17 rounds.

And we watched a surf video of some guys 100 miles off the California coast surfing 66 foot swells in open water. Quote of the movie: "There's like a million seals out here. It's like a shark snack bar."

Just where I'd like to be paddling about imitating marine life.

And right before bed, when everything dissolved into the tired jollies, we had a pillow fight. The guys won. As usual.

Not Dead, but Almost

Confessions Abounding

I'm not dead. Almost though. Funny story that.

We took highway 155 to Lake Isabella. It's the scenic route. And a 13 degree grade on the downward side. First our brakes burned up on the trailer, then on the suburban hauling it, then the parking brake. And we were hurtling around hairpin curves in both lanes gaining speed.

The five of us in the sub checked our buckles and grabbed on. Under my breath, I began the confession from the Book of Common Prayer. Jonathan asked forgiveness for "that last corona." And then it was quiet. I was amazed, even then, that we weren't panicking. At all.

We don't know what stopped us. But we stopped. Somehow.

It was very sobering.