Monday, November 13, 2006


Filming on Saturday

So, I was offered a role in a movie, and since they'll let me not swear, I'm going to go down to Portland this weekend. How cool is that?


Drama, Drama, more Drama

Wow. You'd think that being unemployed I'd be, I don't know, resting or something. Instead, life has unfolded unexpectedly for the past few weeks, and "the whole house is in uproar!" My sister is attached to my hip until her grades come up, so less out-of-doors-ing for me. (You would think, as a consequence, that my house would be clean, but no. Both it and my car are steadily getting worse)

Today (I'll preface all this by saying that he apologized) I had another go around with the band leader at church. I like him, but find him difficult to work with because he changes his mind constantly. I hate having my time (oh Lewis would jump all over the notion of "my time")wasted in every way (start late, run an inefficient rehearsal, then run over as a result -- I find that incredibly frustrating). I often find it difficult NOT to have a poor attitude. For example, today I was told to "take ownership of my keyboard" when the sound wasn't working. I'd pushed, pulled and jiggled every chord. The tech guy did the same thing I'd done, then ran back to check the equiptment. As soon as he emerged in the balcony I started playing so he could check the system, and the same director reached over and TURNED MY SOUND OFF because I was INTERRUPTING HIS CONVERSATION. I told him afterwards, "You know, I wasn't playing for my own amusement." He wanted to talk to me after church. I was afraid I was walking into a chewing out, but he apologized. And I had a chance to explain my frustrations. I'm hoping things will be better in the future.

Flogamockers was tonight. We're meandering around Daniel, Ezra, and Psalms. Soon we'll be in Nehemiah and Esther.

I have an audition in Vancouver, BC on Tuesday for a student film (assuming once I see the script that I want to be a part of it) and another audition for an extra in a music video later the same day. I have one part that's been offered me in a short film shooting in Portland this weekend (they had an actress quit last minute due to family problems and need a replacement). I'm still waiting to hear back from the director about whether he thinks my character must swear (It's completely understandable in the scene -- daughter confronts dying father who abused her, but I think it could be acted just as strongly without most of it). If they'll cut all but one, I think I'll do it. Fun, huh?

Drea is in town for the weekend. She leaves tomorrow. I wish she could have stayed longer. She helped move furniture around. Mom and Allie switched rooms today (bedroom and sewing) and Drea took over the move. I've been "in charge" so much the past couple of weeks, I was ready for someone else to take over. *sigh of relief*

I'll keep you updated.