Friday, July 15, 2005


Ginger got up as usual at five and practiced speed reading till half past six then ran till eight when it was time to shower and go to the cram course...And then to top off the day, a twilight run

...She kept her mind busy memorizing calories. Frozen asparagus tips were good, twenty-two per three and a half ounces, but bamboo shoots were better, just twenty-seven calories for three quarters of a cup. Raw snap green beans were better yet, a whole cup barely thirty two. And seven eighths of a cup of drained cooked cauliflower were twenty-two, so there was a pal when you needed one. Celery and chicory and lettuce and chard, there were nice to have around too. So many wonderful things to eat, so many friends.

Nights she and Freddy or sometimes the whole family had orgies of movie-and theatergoing. A Taste of Honey and Becket with Olivier himself and Gypsy with Merman and Irma La Douce with Elizabeth Seal...And Breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey Hepburn who was super but starting to get fat.

From Tinsel by William Goldman. Pages 211 on are the best bit on anorexia I've read.

And if his name sounds familiar, he wrote The Princess Bride.