Saturday, September 04, 2004

The longest day, ever.

My driver is out of the picture for drivingso we've switched roles. First of all, Kansas is a long state. And flat. And twenty questions is less than thrilling. "Oooh! Oooh! Is it corn?"

Everyone is getting frayed nerves. I was the brunt end of a joke or two today, which was out of boredom, but still smarted, and I was touchy for the rest of the day. (Bible quotes degenerated into firing proverbs back and forth at each other, which ended with finding verses with our names in it. Rachel isn't the paragon of virtue, exactly, and the one that was such a riot over the intercom begins, "Oh father, I cannot stand..." That and having handfulls of m&m's shoved in my mouth pretty much ended my patience. Then the truck ran out of gas. We are all tired, and everyone tried to be helpful, which resulted in everyone running around like the headless chickens, no one was listening to our leader because everyone had their own idea of what should be done. To sum up, we're tired, and it's a long trip, and it'll be good to be stationary for three weeks once we hit Dallas. Thank God tonight is an early night, with a late start tomorrow. We'll all get sleep.

The girls all bonded tonight over "The Prince and Me" which was cute. Sometimes sitting around and laughing at a dumb movie is a great de-stresser.

Other than those altercations, everything is going well. We are definately becoming more of a family, as we bond and get to know each other better. Every new home we have to retell our life stories, so soon we'll be able to go around the table with everyone else's. We have a few down days in Dallas before our first show on the eighth. Hurrah for sleep and shopping!

More updates from Texas!

For your information, I'm Rachel's little sister, Allison, and I'll be updating her blog when she can't get to a computer...