Monday, April 10, 2006

Settled Again...finally

Settled Again...Finally.

I'm now moved into my new place. Alone for the moment. A little concerned about expenses until job #2 picks up a little. Speaking of which, I called in for my schedule on Friday, found out that I was supposed to work today. left early today to get there on time (after coming in 2 hours late last week) and was told the schedule had changed and I wasn't working. New rule: call closer to monday.

I'm back to the Entre Nous guide to living. I've started walking to the grocery store once a day to pick out about the next three meals worth of food. This is partly thrift, since I have almost no money, and am currently borrowing from my tithe cache, and partly because I can buy little bits of very fresh food instead of all the processed crap. This morning I had a cup of coffee, a banana, and yogurt. For lunch I had a baked potato with butter and cottage cheese. Tonight I will be resorting to tuna helper, but instead of canned tuna, I'll be adding a pound of imitation crab meat to the garlic cream pasta. Tomorrow, more yogurt and another banana with my coffee. Tomorrow lunch, another baked potato. And then probably tuna helper leftovers for dinner with the remaining fresh broccoli and french bread.

I'm going to go now. I'm using the library computer, and it takes about a minute for the screen to catch up with my typing. Free evening, I'll probably be working on some sewing projects.