Friday, February 28, 2003

Well, that was just the longest rehearsal! Robyn and I went to Saledo at 9 today, arrived at 10, and rehearsed until 4:30. We got through the show 3 times. It's something of an issue of too many cooks. We'll get going, and Ken will stop for something, then VC and his wife will decide they have something that need to be addressed. And usually something does need to be addressed -- but when they all talk at once, it's hard to know where to look! Ok, now I'm going to go sew for a few hours...learn a chant....and then go to bed. I'm SOOOO TIRED!!!!!!
I have a quiz today in orchestration. I'm just going to have to blow it. I practiced and practiced and practiced last night -- no time for homework or studying until after my 5 weeks. AAAAAAAHHH