Sunday, January 14, 2007

Shopping for Maternity Clothes and other adventures

Yesterday and today I did my trip shopping. My mission -- to find cute clothing that is easily washable, able to get dirty, but still "nice" - because Cambodian people dress as nicely as they can, so unless we're scrubbing something down, we're to look well. With today's trend for tiny tees, I had difficulty finding anything that didn't fall under the "not too short, too tight, and sleeveless" restriction. The brainwave came in the maternity department -- here were an assortment of shirts that were cute but loose. I found several knit shirts there. Today at Tar-jey my mother supplied a zip up hooded sweatshirt and several plain, round necked, short sleeved t-shirts for work days, two sizes larger than I normally wear. This trip I'm going for plain colors. On tour I got very tired of my logos, slogans, cute pictures and PURPLE (my wear-with-everything sweatshirt was of Husky origen)every day of the week.

Today I went to all three services to present my mission trip to the general congregation. I don't know how it went, monetarily -- the church will let me know soon. I do have several people who agreed to be on my prayer team mailing list, and several who said they'd pray even without the emails. Tuesday is the Mission Board Meeting.

Now I'm prancing around making sure every item in my suitcase can be worn with several other items, and nothing is too tight, low, short sleeved, shows too much leg, etc. So far so good. Only three shirts didn't pass muster.

Other major discovery: my hair can be pulled into pigtails.

That's all the news for today. Tonight is Flogamockers for the last time before I leave.

Thanks to all who have offered your support. I couldn't do it without you...