Saturday, July 30, 2005

Terrible at Nothing

Terrible at Nothing

I just can't sit around for very long. I bought a refill calendar for my dayrunner a few weeks ago, and suddenly, it's almost full. For example: this weekend I'm

1.Altering a wedding dress for a second fitting on Monday.
2. Working today for a co-worker who's going to a wedding.
3. Meeting Kevin for dinner and the latest WTC production.
4.Going to Lunch with my friend Jeff who I haven't seen since I moved Even though we only live half an hour apart.

Then I'm working 15 extra hours in the next two weeks to make up for my trip to Texas. Going to Portland to help with costumes for Wycliffe's latest drama. Auditioning for the fall play at the Warehouse. Helping set up for a friend's wedding one day, then going to the wedding the next. Trying to squeeze in a visit with Teri, who's coming into town right before I leave again. Hoping to see Kristina when she's here. Going to Texas and back in six days to finally move out of Waco. Two days of teacher In-service the day after I get back. Several weeks of just work until I begin teaching after Labor Day. Hopefully I'll be in the fall play. Coordinating Wycliffe Dinner Theater's show at my church in September....and that's my last formal engagement until spring when I begin production meetings for the WTC spring play. I'm helping with costumes.

Let it never be said I don't get involved.

Last night, on an unrelated note, I made pasta. It tasted almost entirely unlike tortellini. It did taste remarkably like play-dough. I tried boiling it in salt water and garlic, and then (in the absence of marinara) covered it in ranch dressing. I gagged three bites down and then went for grapes. They were safe and non-toxic. I suppose, for that matter, playdough is non-toxic.

A man just walked in and was talking about fox finishing. Do you suppose he meant faux?

And that's it for me. I'm not even going to begin to think about my curriculum until it is officially August. In my head that gives me plenty of time. In reality, that's like, two days.

And somewhere in here I'm going to rearrange my rooms to make room for the rest of my furniture. I'm so excited about my big comfy wingback chair. It's big enough I can sit cross legged in it. And my lovely victorian loveseat.

I'm going to kill Cai. That stupid cat has started mewing at 6:30am three mornings in a row. He wanted to go wander the halls. I wanted to sleep. Throwing things at him didn't work. Today I got fed up and spanked him. Are you allowed to spank a cat? The SPCA is probably going to hunt me down. It did shut him up. If it happens again tomorrow there's going to be a cat-acide.

And that's my hodgepodge for today...