Monday, November 26, 2007

It's raining in Seattle

Big surprise I know. I stayed in today until it was time for rehearsal. Then I sloshed my way downtown to the TPS studios, meeting the musical director on the way, and stepping in a very large puddle, soaking my shoes, socks, and the lower half of my jeans. Did I mention how large this puddle was?

Jake ate my dinner tonight. I went to put some things in the dryer, came back, and my $3.50/lb grapes were on the floor. How could that have happened, I asked myself until I realized my potatoes were missing as well. Dumb dog. No treats tonight.

I have a roommate in my little basement -- a mouse that I've heard and seen calling cards for. I haven't named him yet, but I'm supposed to buy a humane trap soon to be rid of his nesting little presence. Where's a handy cat?

And that's all. Rehearsals all week, and lining up auditions for my remaining weekends here.