Thursday, January 02, 2003

You know you've been sewing too long when....

1. You measure progress by the stack of empty pepsi cans

2. You begin looking for excuses to cut something out so you don't have to sew any longer, but are still technically "making progress"

3. You amuse yourself by betting what will run out first, the top thread or the bobbin.

4. Re-threading the machine is "fun"

5. You kidnap your sister, and throw on a movie to bribe her into cutting out hexagons for you for you....claiming it as a "sisterly bonding experience."

Mother and I came up with a new solution to the aforementioned dilemma. Why not have an on/off switch for the whole thing. That's way, when you're 12 and just DYING to have one, you can have a couple of test runs...establish that it does work...and then TURN IT OFF UNTIL YOU NEED IT! That's my thought...any genetic engineers out there? Start working on it.