Friday, September 26, 2008 dashboard says this is my 1502nd post. That's a lot of typing of nonsense. Thanks, all, for letting me stay in touch with you like this.

Last night was my Forbidden Broadway style gig. It was actually a lot of fun. And I remembered all of the parody lyrics on my solo number ("I'm in Love with a Man Named Dan Guy"). And, even better, we had about 2 1/2 hours off between the mike check and the performance, AND WE HAD A GREEN ROOM! So I got to sit and listen to stories from people who have been in the business a LOOONG time. I even got to share a few stories of my own. It was fun to hear the ups and downs, and encouraging to know that persistance can pay off. There was a funny outdoor theatre 'possum story, too.

Today I've paid some bills, and come out just about even. The nice thing about this time around in Seattle is, I'm able to make it (almost - I'm still behind on my sponsor kids) on just nannying and my shows, with a few corporate gigs and events thrown in. This is a far cry better than last year with eight part-time jobs and a few days a week of acting. I feel I'm making some, albeit slow, progress here. This is encouraging.

I'm trying to take two dance classes and a corset making class this fall, as well as doing some monologue coaching. I've been working for a while on finding some good audition monologues, and also reading as many plays as I can - so next year I won't elicit gasps from the serious theatre junkies in Leavenworth when I say I've never read, say, The Glass Menagerie. Which I have now. I read it last week. And yesterday I read Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on the bus. So there. And Relative Values the day before. I think I need to read some farces, because modern theatre is very depressing. (At least the stuff I've been reading)

I have a few days off, and rehearsals start tuesday. I've got a script to memorize in the next few days, but that's about it for me this weekend!