Sunday, September 29, 2002

Ok, what is wrong with this picture? I just had my first midterm. I'm still not registered for classes. Odd?
And why is everything in bold all of a sudden?
Weekend with the Grandparents

So for those of you that didn't know, in the interest in healing the numerous and massive tears in my familial tapestry, I went to Oklahoma this weekend to visit my Dad's parents. It went very well. I still have yet to see Grandma smile, but she did laugh at my humor (she'd better like it -- it came straight down the genepool from her!). Grandpa was a sweetheart as ever!

We went antiquing saturday morning, to the fair in the afternoon, and then to Hobby Lobby and out to Wagoner (prounounce Wag-ner) to visit Mary's childhood home. Sunday morning we went to their Lutheran church. It was a church. Lots of church functions, and small groups, and emphasis on becoming a holistic body -- not much doctrine. Going by the fill-in-the-blank sermon outline, the St. Albans Youth Group Staff has all four marks of a healthy small body! Their Choir was terrible. 8 people. Then we went to Luby's for lunch, Grandpa left from there to go golfing, and we went to one more antique store before we had to leave town. It was nice. I got an antique folding rocking chair out of the deal (Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas, Rachel!)

Favorite Quotes From the Weekend

Grandpa: "Well, after 52 years I can't kick her out."

Grandma: "Well if they'd sank the Titanic in port, less people would have died!"