Saturday, March 08, 2003

Spring Cleaning, Part 4:

So no more cleaning for the last few hours. I've got my grad school resume done. My application is filled out. Now all I have to do is write a page long essay of my goals and career. I can do it! I also took the time to decorate a couple of boxes, reorganize a cabinet, and clean my bathroom. I'll try tomorrow to get some of my recital stuff taken care of, and the last of my grad stuff mailed off. Oh please let it all go well!!!!

Spring Cleaning, Part 3:

I went to Lowe's to try and find another type of organizer. Now that I'm committed to living in this apartment for the next couple of years, I need something done with the horrible closet conditions. And I found the perfect one -- I can fold my sweaters and put them on shelves that hang from my closet shelf! Oh so much space that clears up at the bottom. A few more of them and I should be in business. And then tonight I'm going to type my graduate entrance essay, finish typing it up...turn in my library books tomorrow, and then get a transcript on monday. Oh, and go talk to someone in the admissions office about a possible dual masters. We'll see how it goes.

Spring Cleaning, Part 2:

I went to the store to get a hang up bag for my formals. I'm always worried that they're getting mangled. I also wanted to look at a can of paint to brighten up my little living room. So I found the bag, and then asked someone to mix the paint. It turned out that they had a can there that someone had not paid for in the exact color I wanted...for four dollars! YAY!!!!!!!!!! Oh that makes my little poor starving student heart happy! I'm off now to hopefully finish my room -- and maybe my bathroom. Then I have to take a break and finish my grad school applications! I'll keep updating!

Spring Cleaning, Part 1:

Decided this morning that I will do all of my deep cleaning now since my family will be here in a month -- and though it sounds like a long time, I won't have time to REALLY clean anything after this week. So, I thought, yes -- K mart is going out of business...and all of their closet organisers are on sale. I will go and get some! But first -- I must make room in my closet to put an organiser! Yes. So currently the entire contents are spread all over my room -- on top of the previous mess. The top shelf looks lovely! Tha'ts all the progress I've made. And I'm trying to get rid of all clothes that I don't want to wear....quite a hassel. I never want to get rid of anything, but I haven't enough closet space...and I MIGHT wear something again. If I could only see it to know what I have to yes. I must get rid of stuff. I got rid of four pairs of shoes. That's quite a feat for me! Anyway -- I'm back to the room. Maybe I'll get my bedroom reorganised today. My deadline for the whole apartment is tuesday -- when Adrian is going to come over and help me paint my living room. I'll keep you updated