Monday, May 04, 2009

So, I'm Laurie in Oklahoma! for sure. I may be able to futz two of the other three offers into my schedule also, if all the rehearsal and performance dates work out.

I've done all but two of my scheduled auditions. I felt good about Village. The 5th wasn't great. I prepared, and then ran the audition this morning before work and nailed it each time. I dried out waiting for my audition though, and didn't make it through the high Eb I've been doing solidly for a month. Disappointing.

Perhaps my acting will make up for the singing. I actually belted better than I did the legit song. It was a very backwards audition. Wierd. But I have one or two more to do in the next week, then I'm done for the season. All in all I felt very good about my auditions this spring. I'm well prepared, choosing better material, and having fun doing them. I've found monologues and learned how to perform them well - which was always a weakness for me. Now I've got some good upcoming projects to do. And if I don't get a callback for the 5th this year, I'm going to take this song, work on it for a year, and nail it next time around.

So there.