Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I spoke with my high school and junior high youth leader this morning. I haven't seen her in probably two years...It was so good to talk with her. Two of her children are abroad doing missions work. She and her husband are leaving to build a church in the Ukraine for three weeks. She's a wonderful woman, a great influence, and a tenured member of the "blessed company."
Thanks to everyone who wished me well! Wilson, it's good to see you're hanging around still! I have even more exciting news....get ready for it....

On my way to blog this evening, I got a call. A theater is doing "Marry me a little" by Stephen Sondheim and needs an understudy. Now. Like, I have to learn a whole show by him in a few days!!!!!!! That might totally freak people out, but me, it's so exciting. The director is going to call me this evening and see if we can work out the schedules!!!!! SONDHEIM SHOW!!!!