Friday, December 08, 2006

Nice Lady

Nice Lady

This was me today, trying to make a left turn out of the Big R parking lot.

"Oh look at that. No one's coming either way. Cars in front of me though. Maybe someone will let me in. Nope. Not letting me in. Now there's cars coming. Oh.........Ok. No cars coming. Maybe I can get in now. Oh, they're slowing down in the turn lane. Cars coming. Maybe this nice person will let me in. Or that one. Hm...."

Five minutes later....

"Nice Lady? Nice Lady? Nice Lady in green car going to let me in? Oh. Not nice lady. Mean lady. Lady in blue car? Nice lady in pretty blue car? Not nice lady. Nice man in suburban? Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh. I'm WEARING Makeup!!!!"

Eventually I gave up the ghost, made a right turn, then turned around down the street in a parking lot. Was there anyone at that light THEN? No there was not. Go. Figure.