Friday, May 06, 2005

Where is your towel

I never go anywhere without my towel!

I finally saw Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy yesterday. And I borrowed a towel to take with me. They're right. It was handy as a pillow when Angie's neck got sore, and worked as a blanket when I got cold.

I wanted to see it badly after I heard it reviewed as having a "completely nonsensical plot." That clinched it. Sounded like they'd followed the book for a change. And then some tourmates of mine brought in a news clipping with actors' pictures. And it was the entire minor cast of Love Actually.

It was brilliant. I loved it. They had the sperm whale and the pot of petunias. And Alan Rickman played Marvin the manic depressive robot. No one else could do it and not make you want to kill yourself. The special effects were good enough, but not spectacular until the creation of the worlds sequence. Amazing. And it was funny that they used a lightsaber sound effect in one scene and had to credit Lucasfilms.

Well done, and room for a sequel.