Saturday, April 24, 2010

A mini-update:

Princess and the Pea is officially open, and in the midst of our first week of the run. It's fun watching a show with limited rehearsal time pull together the first week as characters are solidified, cues are picked up, and choreography becomes so engrained that character bits can be added. I was given the note that my character is still too "arch" - so I've concentrated hard at undoing all of my naturally quick mannerisms.

My first blocking rehearsal for Annie is on Monday, and Easy Street Choreography is on Wednesday. I'm SO excited to start rehearsals for this show!

Seussical is only two weeks away from the costume parade, and I'm getting some serious shopping done. In a reverse mood, I'm beginning with the chorus costumes - since they are quadruple-cast. The leads are the least of my worries as I try to juggle Whos, Hunches, Jungle Creatures, Fish and Cadets.

Alan is in Bleacher Bums and rehearsing Annie, so our days are booked. We're still managing to eek out some quality time. Last week we went out for Italian, then wandered around SouthCenter mall so I could look for good inspirations for my ensemble members. Friday after my double show day in Renton we went out for Thai, then to a few antique stores. Today I napped in his arms after another double show while he watched Frasier, and we went back to SouthCenter for some more Bird-Girl accessories on his way to his shows.

Tomorrow, another double-show day - then a photo shoot with a friend of his who needs subjects for her photography class. We're hoping for some good pictures of us together. Neither of us are consistently photogenic, and we've never had a picture in which we BOTH look good at the same time.

I'm back to assigning shoes...