Friday, August 01, 2008

LST Recently Overheard

Me: "And what will I do if you come to my show and don't stay and say hi?"

Kurt: "Something about you'll hunt me down and kill me."

Me: "That's right."

Kurt: "They're BACK!...I mean...I found him!"

Man to the Captain: "Does she enjoy your kisses?"

Captain: "Well, I think so..." (People really fixate on the kissing scenes)

Rolf: *gasp*...I have a fruit roll-up in my pants!"

Woman to the Captain: "You make a much better Captain than a dancer." (Especially funny since he danced professionally for ten years in Seattle)

As I walked down the isle: "My, she's VERY short isn't she?"

A German tourist: "Ach! The mother is shorter than the daughter!

Girl after show: "Are you two married in REAL life?"

Captain and Me: "No, just in the play."

Girl (to her mother): "Well, they kissed A LOT!"

Liesl: "We couldn't find all the kids and Joseph got caught in his Liederhosen."

Nazi: "I almost got hit by a cuckoo kid."

Briar: "You guys are only people because you've stopped being butts."

Friedrich: "And then we all say, 'Father!'"

Liesl: "But not in unison. 'Cause that sounds dumb."

John: "And then you'll go tearing up the hill with the children so you can do the final pose before the lights come one."

Captain: "Come on Gretl! Move faster!"