Monday, September 08, 2003

So Saturday at work, we had a huge function. Oh yes -- all the ritz and glamour, and hanger's on and lushes that you could want for a nights amusement. There was very expensive wine being poured -- the cheapest of which was $900 a bottle. The most expensive was $22,000. I got a glass of french dessert wine (we all got to taste the leftovers) at the grand total of $2,000/bottle. Anyway -- they brought on cocktail waitresses (presumably) to help pour all the expensive wine that the wait staff was uncomfortable pouring. Nope. Got there and the 'other' manager was in charge. "You. Help Abe. Pour the Dunn." That was all the instruction I got from her. No help there. I tried again later. She just looked at me like I was the dumbest thing that had ever crawled out from under a rock, then said that the WAITORS would handle the expensive wine so it didn't get mixed up. Needless to say, Tina and I were a little perterbed. Finally, late in the evening, when everything that coule possibly be considered "our job description" was being done by someone else, we begged for something to do. "You know what you could do if you REALLY wanted to help?.....Put knives on the cheese platters as they walk by." ? ? ? ? We were not pleased. So we went and ate dinner...she came tearing in to find out if we'd poured the second dessert wine....after spending the whole evening telling us not to touch the expensive stuff. I said, "Nope, the servers have it covered apparently." "Perfect", she said. Huh. I'm going to human resources today to discuss this turn of events. Don't you think I ought to?
Oh I love a neck brace. Stylish. White. Matches every possible wardrobe....blends in to an ensemble. Hides under a turtleneck -- assuming I own one, which I don't. Ah yes. The perfect conversation piece. Now available in multiple colors (listed in the catalogue). Oh yes...neck braces are wonderful!

Did I mention I threw my back out?