Friday, May 13, 2005

Old Town Sacto

My Sister and Me

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Drea and I in OldTown Sacramento.  She came down to see the show twice, and hung out with us that day as we wandered around the touristy shops.  I'm, of course, stuffing my face with the inevitable daily sandwich.

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The Spring 2005 Wycliffe Dinner Theater team:

Tasha, Julie, Torrie, Austen, Jerry, Joann, Vanessa, Jackie (who was replaced by Jonathan)

Johnny, Vicky, Liz, Brenda, Amy, Me

Chris, Jessica, Angie, Adam, Aaron

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

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Testing out this new photoblogging thing.  Not as tricky as it could have been. On a sidenote, I always think it's silly to go to a major landmark, stand in front of it, and wave.  What do you get?  A whole photo album of you waving in front of something that can't be identified.


Welcome to Yakima, the Palm Springs of Washington.

I made it home this evening. How strange to come home knowing it's to stay for a while. As soon as I finish typing I'll go unload my car. Monday I have an interview.

We dropped all of my teammates off at the airport this morning, some quite early after a rather late night. I've got the post-tour blues.