Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Tired of people

Today, I'm tired of people. I'm tired of being on display, and I'm tired of staying up and talking when I'd rather hide out in my room and be alone. It's part of being on tour, especially if you're an introvert. That is one thing that I've done better with than I'd expected back in August. Most days the lack of alone time doesn't bother me. In fact last tour I made it to three weeks from the end before I needed a day to myself. But today I'm tired.

We woke up this morning and drove to Sacramento (My team lost rock-paper-scissors, so we didn't get to drive. I was really looking forward to that -- it's been so pretty driving through the farmland of Northern California. More trees are in blossom every day), where we killed five hours in Old Town. Drea met us there and we went shopping. A big thanks to my brother in law, who saw my sister buying yet more patches for my jeans and told her when I came into town to buy me a new pair. So my needs were met yet again! I actually got a jean skirt for church so that my "good" pair of jeans can move down a notch.

And I've lost my purse. I'm pretty sure I've tracked it down to two churches ago. I can remember spending my last couple of dollars on a Pepsi, and I think I remember telling myself to put my purse back in my bag before I forget where I set it and lose it. But I think I set it with my stuff, which got moved three times without me there. So my wallet is gone. And why didn't I notice it sooner? Well, who needs a wallet when you don't have money to spend, eh?

Tonight Vanessa and I are staying with a woman, her son, and their college boarder. We found a Broadway Hits anthology and The Little Mermaid songbook, so we had a sing-a-long. We butchered "Kiss the Girl." We don't have enough rhythm for it. Or rather, we don't have enough for one of us to play the on beats, and one the off. And sing at the same time. I needed my dad's congas or something. Les Poissons was pretty good. Our best song of the night was Edelweiss. We got harmony going and everything.

Old Shadows

Chris: "Start with: 'We're always sick' and Julie's cross."

Johnny: "We should have a real baby."

Rachel: "Yeah, we'll get working on that."

Veteran Cast & Vanessa: "The baby's arms are missing. They've been sacrificing to the spirits a little at a time."

Vicky: "I have inzombia."

Jessica: "You can't even say, 'Where's your family?' in a group of Christans because they say, 'here.'"

Chris: "They're whoopie Christians. You sit on them and they pray."

Vicky: "Jesus, we know you healed the ten leopards..."

Adam (telling his testimony): "...And I said, screw it, and I raised my hand."

Chris: "Tomorrow? Yeah. Act."

Angie: "God is stretching us now so we'll be flexible later."

Vicky: "I speak very well English."

Aaron: "You wash your puff?"

Aaron: "My favorite was shoving the C-4 in the cram hole."

Vicky: "Alright, I'm going to go sit with people who don't give me the idiot look."

Julie: "Good Luck."

Austen: "Your scowl could kill a full grown moose."

Adam: "I need to scratch my benito."

Angie: "I'm thinking on her face."

Julie: "I can feel the words."